and Diagnosis

Sugar and its Effects


Prevention and Diagnosis

Sugary food and drinks harm your teeth!

  • Plaque bacteria found on your tooth surfaces feed on the sugars in your food and drinks.

  • They turn the sugar into acids.

  • These acids attack the hard surfaces of your teeth (enamel) for up to 20 minutes after you are finished eating/drinking.

  • Over time, your enamel can get damaged and can cause cavities to form or erosion to occur.

You may be drinking your dessert!

You may not realize just how much sugar is in your favorite beverage. This chart shows you how many cookies are equal to the amount of sugar that’s in these popular drinks. How much sugar are you drinking every day?

images = 4 grams of sugar

Sweet Tea 1 cup: 12 grams


Energy Drink 1 can: 25 grams


Regular Sports Drink 1 bottle: 30 grams


Regular Soda/Cola 1 can: 33 grams


Fruit Smoothie with Yogurt 1 cup: 34 grams


Blended Cold Cappuccino Drink medium: 44 grams


Source: United States Department of Agriculture’s SuperTracker Food-A-Pedia,

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