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Sep 30, 2014 | Posted by | 40 comments

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  1. desai says:

    great endeavor… please also make android/ios app….

  2. admin01 says:

    We will make android/ios app in the near future. Thanks for your support!

  3. Nesaar says:

    Is there any free membership for students??

  4. admin01 says:

    From now to 30/11/2014, we reduce the price for student from $50 to only $35.
    Contact us via this email to get discount:

  5. Very informative. Can i please send you xray for your opinion

  6. admin01 says:

    Yes, please contact us through this email:

  7. Laura says:

    Figure 6-18 from the above page: There is nothing wrong with this young boy. His “throat length” is fine and he does not have a mandibular deficiency. What won’t you parasites do to augment your wealth? No one is perfect.

  8. MOHDNOR says:

    WHAT BENEFITS DO I GAIN BY BECOMING A MEMBER. DO YOU PROVIDE LECTURE NOTES, REVISION NOTES, MCQs, etc and do yoyu cover all areas of dentistry for BDS level

  9. says:

    Hi, friends,

    I am not good at making a provisional crown with Protemp 4. If some one can give instruction I would appreciate it.



  10. sadaf says:

    Hi, I`m a member, but still can`t access. I`m a student of 4th year and just read that I have a discount for $35,but unfortunately I paid full price :/ What should I do?


  11. mounzer says:

    When will you activate my account…. I,be paid!

  12. ehsan1988 says:

    hello ..i’ve allready paid and become gold member but i cannot read full text for each article even when im log in. could you help me please?.. or my internet connection is slow? tq.

    • admin01 says:

      When you are logged in, press Ctrl + F5 button to reload the page, if you still get this problem, please let me know.

      • ehsan1988 says:

        i still get this problem…when im log in, there’re instruction to log in or register for full text reading.. kindly need your help. tq.

        • admin01 says:

          I have found the problem this you are using wrong account. The account that you paid membership for is ehsan88, not ehsan1988. Please login in with by account ehsan88 to get the benefit of gold member.

  13. bsty says:

    Why not the same as previous item category

  14. bsty says:

    I have transferred money extension, you got it yet?

  15. bsty says:

    My daughter used to pay hers email use because I do not have PayPal account. I was in Vietnam, but my daughter who lives in London, so I asked her to register behalf.She used the email address or

  16. bsty says:

    When I click the category, it is not out of the box (eg esthetic, periodontal ..) as before

  17. DentalMeerkat says:

    Hello, I’ve just become a gold member but I cannot read the full text for each article even when I am logged in. Could you please help me? Is the account simply not activated yet?

  18. bjavdan says:

    Hi there,

    I just paid $50 to become a gold member. However, I am unable to view videos and other resources/contents that are exclusive to gold members. I would appreciate it if you could look into this matter and figure out why the site does not recognize me as a gold member.


    • admin01 says:

      I see your account has already been gold membership. Have you use this email address to login website yet?

  19. Adnerb27 says:

    I am already a Gold member and can not see the whole texts of the articles. Can you please help?

    • admin01 says:


      Have you signed in yet? If you signed in already, please reload the page after purchasing gold membership to get the full content.

      • Adnerb27 says:

        Yes, I have signed in and once I go back to the page I am trying to read it says I must Log In or Register and I go and login and same problem occurs. I have tried signing in with my email and username.

  20. Adnerb27 says:

    That worked. Thank you for your prompt attention.

  21. Joana Forsea says:

    Hi, I cannot access my entire article even though I signed in and refreshed the page.
    please help

  22. J says:

    Please acitvate my account i paid 🙂

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