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In a recent editorial, editor Vincent Kokich wrote about the importance of study clubs for life-long learning (The key to adult orthodontics. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2011;139:289).

Our study group, called the Grupo de Estudo Angle de Ortodontia, was established August 17, 1974, by 6 young and idealistic orthodontists. We have the following objectives: to enhance and encourage the scientific, technical, material, and social progress of orthodontics; to promote cultural, scientific, and technical exchanges in orthodontics, as well as integration among our members and with the other dental specialties; to look after the interests and rights of our members while promoting professional ethics; and to guide the public in seeking orthodontic care. We organize 4 annual meetings. For 2 of them, we invite periodontists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, restorative and cosmetic dentists, otorhinolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, and several other types of specialists to discuss issues of common interest. At the other 2 meetings, members present their case reports and scientific articles. Sometimes these meetings are only open to members.

We currently include 18 orthodontists, and in our 37 years of existence, thousands of people have had the opportunity to interact personally and professionally—learning, exchanging knowledge, making friends, and strengthening existing friendships.

We would also like to answer your questions. “Do you treat adults?” Yes, we treat adult patients. “Do you belong to an interdisciplinary study club?” Yes, we belong to a study group. As for the third question, “Why not?” we ask this question of all AJO-DO readers. Meeting in a group with goals and well-defined objectives, with dynamism, and scientific and clinical evidence to achieve multidisciplinary goals and objectives can be less difficult and more enjoyable for everyone everywhere.

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