H Abbreviation for Hounsfield unit.

HA Abbreviation for Hydroxyapatite.

Hader bar Rectangular bar with rounded occlusal ridge that rigidly connects teeth or implants and receives a plastic sleeve attachment for prosthesis retention.1,2 See also: Clip bar overdenture.


Hader bar.
(Redrawn from Preiskel1 with permission.)

Hanau formula See: Hanau Quint.

Hanau Quint Five factors involved in developing a balanced articulation for removable complete dentures: incisal guidance, condylar guidance, cusp height, plane of occlusion, and compensating curve. First described by Rudolph Hanau in 1926 and incorporated in the design of a semi-adjustable articulator (Hanau H) that provided for horizontal condylar guidance to be set using an intraoral protrusive interocclusal record. Lateral condylar guidance (L) can then be calculated using the Hanau formula, L = H/8 + 12, where H is the recorded horizontal condylar guidance.2,3

Hand prosthesis Artificial substitute for a human hand.

Harvest Procurement of a graft from a donor site.

Haversian canal See: Osteon.

Haversian system See: Osteon.

Hazard ratio The risk of an event occurring in one group compared with another when the primary response variable is the time to event. A hazard ratio of 1 indicates that neither group is more at risk for the event than the other. If the hazard ratio is, for example, 5, then one group is five times more likely to experience the event than the other.4

HBOT Abbreviation for Hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Healing Process of cure; repair or regeneration of injured, lost, or surgically treated tissue.

Healing abutment Implant component placed at stage-two surgery to guide periodontal soft tissue healing prior to definitive prosthetic restoration. Typical cross-sectional design is cylindrical. See also: Anatomic healing abutment. (See figure next page.)


Healing abutment.

Healing by first intention Restoration of continuity of wound edges directly by fibrous adhesion without intervention of granulations. Called also healing by primary intention; primary adhesion; primary union.

Healing by secondary intention Wound closure wherein the edges of the wound remain separated, and healing occurs from the base and sides of the wound toward the surface via formation of granulation tissue. Called also secondary adhesion; secondary union.


Hematopoietic stem cell.
(Redrawn from Winslow and Kibink5 with permission.)

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