Decay in Baby Teeth

Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth


Tooth decay in infants and toddlers happens when teeth are in contact with sugary liquids often or for long periods of time. These liquids include fruit juice, soda and other sweetened liquids. Decay can destroy the teeth of an infant or young child.

Decay in Baby (Primary) Teeth


Healthy baby teeth


Initial decay


Moderate decay


Moderate to severe decay


Severe decay

Ways to Prevent Early Decay

  • Do not let your child sip constantly on drinks with sugar (including juice drinks).

  • Babies and toddlers should finish their naptime and bedtime bottles before going to bed.

  • Encourage your child to drink from a cup by his or her first birthday.

  • If your child uses a pacifier, don’t dip it in sugar or honey, or put it in your mouth before giving it to the child. The cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth can be passed to your baby.

  • After each feeding, wipe your infant’s gums with a clean, damp washcloth or gauze pad. Once the first tooth appears, brush your infant’s teeth twice daily with a child-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush.

  • Visit the dentist by your child’s first birthday. Consider this a “well-baby checkup” for your child.

Use the right amount of toothpaste for your child


For children under 3 years old


For children 3-6 years old

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