34 GuttaFlow

34 GuttaFlow

A root canal sealer has to fulfill several criteria:

• It should provide impermeable, long-lasting sealing of the root canal system.

• The material must be easy to apply.

• The setting time should be appropriately short to permit further treatment of the tooth, for example the insertion of a root canal post, in the same sitting.

• If necessary, the material should be easy to remove in the event of retreatment.

• The components of the sealer should not lead to any problem with the subsequent adhesive restoration.

• Finally, the chemical composition of the material should not elicit any soft-tissue irritation at the periapical region if extrusion occurs.

With regard to the studies that have been performed to date, GuttaFlow (Coltène Whaledent, Langenau, Germany) seems to fulfill these requirements.

Based on the addition curing silicone sealer RoekoSeal Auto-mix, the GuttaFlow system is the first sealer that provides microscopically small, approximately 30 μm, gutta-percha particles and combines both components of gutta-percha and sealer. GuttaFlow flows at room temperature, so its characteristics and capabilities are quite different from those of the more classic root canal filling pastes.

To date, the requirement was that the layer of the sealer should be as thin as possible in order to efficiently minimize shrinkage and solubility. However, the single-cone technique is explicitly recommended for obturation with GuttaFlow.

The practically nonexistent solubility and volume stability of GuttaFlow marks a new chapter in the development of root canal filling pastes. The silicone-based GuttaFlow is a nonresorbable root canal filling paste for the cold obturation of root canals.

The development of RoekoSeal for the obturation of root canals paved the way for long-term sealing (Wu et al., 2002) that is also reliable in a moist environment (Roggendorf et al., 2007). With regard to biocompatibility, silicone is to a great extent the reference material. For biocompatib/>

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