32 Thermafil

32 Thermafil

As early as 1978, Johnson published the concept that guttapercha could be inserted into the root canal using a carrier device. The system became known as Thermafil; however, the first version had some problems (metal carrier, gutta-percha too hard/soft, post build-up, etc.) (Baumann, 2005).

The new Thermafil (TF) system consists of Thermaprep plus oven, TF points, verifiers, Thermacut, and the post space bur. First, the size and shape of the prepared canal is ascertained using the verifier. The TF pin should have the same diameter as the master apical file and stop 0.5–1 mm shorter than the working length (Cantatore, 2006). The use of a sealer is obligatory, whereby the hot gutta-percha may alter the chemical composition of some sealers. The oven permits rapid and precise heating of the TF points, which always possess a plastic core.

The heated TF point must be slowly but continuously inserted apically within 10 seconds (Levitan et al., 2003) and held in position by finger pressure. Severing off any excess material is not a problem using the Thermacut. Additional points are easy to fit with the post space bur.


32.1 Thermaprep plus oven

The new warming device reliably heats the Thermafil point in only a few seconds.

Right: The verifier is a ProFile instrument with a hand grip. It is a useful tool to evaluate the size and shape of the root canal. The corresponding Thermafil point provides an appropriate a/>

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