30: Muscles of Facial Expression

Muscles of Facial Expression

The term facial expression in the chapter title may be a bit misleading because the muscles included in this chapter are located around the ears, scalp, neck, eyes, nose, and mouth. However, although some of them are not located in an area normally considered the face, they are located in areas that can physically display some kind of emotion or attentiveness. All these muscles are innervated by the seventh (VII) cranial nerve (facial). Although most of the muscles are mentioned, only the muscles around the oral cavity are discussed in great detail. These are the muscles you will be most concerned with in the dental office, and they are responsible for some functions related to speech and mastication.


The muscles around the ears are not well developed in humans. However, in lower forms of animals, they are better developed, and the ears can be easily moved and repositioned to better catch sounds. There are three pairs of ear muscles (Fig. 30-1).

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