20. Future Trends in N2O/O2 Sedation

Future Trends in N2O/O2 Sedation

Since our last edition of this text, we have seen a consistent trajectory of expansion in the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation both domestically and internationally. Travels to the most populated countries on earth—India and China—have given us great insight into how N2O2 sedation is expanding and positioned to provide sedation for an ever-increasing population!

As seen in this current text, there are new innovations being introduced for increased efficiency in delivery and improved safety of those receiving nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation. These products are driven by patient and practitioner demand. Recently in India, there was a decree passed for all dental schools to teach nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation as part of the curriculum.

The safety record for nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation is impeccable. In its more than 160 years of use, there has never been a death attributed to this form of sedation when it is administered without additional drugs.

In view of recent findings that show the inadequacy of conventional scaven/>

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