2: Classification of Periodontal Diseases


Classification of periodontal diseases

Figure 2.1 Classification of gingival diseases.





• An up-to-date classification:
• allows the clinician to be aware of the full range of periodontal diseases and conditions that can affect the patient
• provides a basis for the diagnosis and subsequent management of the patient
• The classification in Figs 2.12.8 derives from the 1999 International Workshop for the Classification of Periodontal Diseases and Conditions, which was convened to reclassify these diseases and conditions due to a previous lack of consensus
• The new categories added to the 1999 classification were:
• gingival diseases
• necrotising periodontal diseases
• abscesses
• periodontitis associated with endodontic lesions
• developmental or acquired deformities and conditions


Figure 2.2 Classification of chronic periodontitis.

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