12: Periodontal Diseases and General Health


Periodontal diseases and general health

Figure 12.1 The effect of periodontal disease on glycaemic control: results from a 2-year study (Taylor et al., 1996).



Figure 12.2 The effect of periodontal treatment on glycaemic control: results from a pilot randomised control study of 125 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus showing the change in HbA1c at 3 months. SCRP, scaling and root planing.



Figure 12.3 Periodontal infection and systemic disease – possible links.



Figure 12.5 Proposed role of periodontal infections in chronic heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).



Figure 12.4 Markers of systemic periodontal bacterial exposure and chronic heart disease (CHD) risk. Details of the cited studies can be found in Mustapha et al. (2007).



Table 12.1 Systemic diseases or conditions where periodontal disease and other oral manifestations occur.



Diabetes mellitus: diabetic complications including coronary artery disease and diabetic neuropathy
Atherosclerotic diseases including coronary artery diseases, ischaemic stroke and peripheral artery disease
Respiratory infections including nosocomial pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Adverse pregnancy outcomes
Oral pharyngeal cancer


Table 12.2 Systemic conditions associated with periodontal disease.



Diabetes mellitus types 1, 2 and gestational
Gingival changes in leukaemia
Immune dysfunction including neutrophil disorders
Head and neck irradiation
Medication therapy including phenytoin (dilantin), calcium channel blockers and bisphosphonates
Dermatological conditions including pemphigus and lichen planusSevere neutrophil deficiencies


Periodontal diseases can be manifestations of systemic conditions and diseases. Periodontal diseases also may be close/>

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