Wing genioplasty by piezo saw—major improvement in the treatment of osas

Introduction: Literature describes over 15 methods of operative treatment of OSAS, in the areas of upper and lower jaws. The upper jaw advancement improves the airway in the retropalatal region, whereas the mandibular advancement widen the retroglossal area. These methods are frequently supplemented by genioplasty.

Objectives: The authors checked the feasibity of the extensive osteoplasty of the lower mandibular border as initial procedure in the treatment of OSAS.

Materials and methods: In the years 2008–2012 the authors performed 45 genioplasties as solitary procedures. Twenty-two osteotomies involved the entire lower border of the mandible. All were performed with the piezo equipment. Out of 45 operated patients 33 were assessed for the OSAS signs and symptoms, pre and postoperatively. Patient self assessment questionaire AHI index, lateral cephalograms with the retroglossal and retropalatal distance measured.

Results: In all operated patients esthetic and functional improvement was achieved. The lower border osteotomy allowed for major (up to 15 mm) chin advancement. The questionnaire assessment, AHI and lateral cephalograms confirmed the superiority of the new method.

Conclusion: Wing genioplasty is simple, easy to apply and does not need any orthodontic preparation. It can be used as a complementary or initial method with other surgical ways of treatment.

Key words : MMA wing genioplasty

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Wing genioplasty by piezo saw—major improvement in the treatment of osas
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