Restorative space management – a multidisciplinary approach

The goals of modern treatment concepts must include high long-term success rates, minimal invasiveness, and good potential for reintervention with minimal risk of complications. This is the case with all the treatment options discussed in Chapter 1 (general considerations), provided the indication for the specific option is properly selected. The proper indication and case selection is explained in detail in Chapter 4 (case presentations and some technical considerations).

As mentioned in the Preface, the focus in this book is on the available restorative and reconstructive adhesive options; detailed orthodontic options are not considered here.

Restorative or reconstructive corrections without preceding orthodontic treatment?

If the goals of a patient case cannot be achieved by orthodontics alone, the question arises as to whether they could be achieved with restorative and reconstructive measures alone as a significant simplification of the entire process. The premise for this, however, is that the occlusion is rated as stable in the long run.

Provided it is possible to carry out restorative or reconstructive treatment alone in a minimally invasive and reintervention-friendly way, it is an attractive option in order to minimize the risks of arch instability, tooth position instability, and relapse after orthodontic treatment. In addition, it minimizes the unavoidable lifetime dentoalveolar and jaw base changes.

This is acceptable from a periodontal and preventive dentistry standpoint, provided the roots are in a favorable position. A favorable root position means that the emergence at the gingival level is correct and in line with the adjacent teeth. In addition, there should be no esthetic need to retrude the tooth crowns

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