Resorbable materials complications in orthognathic surgeries

The use of resorbable plates and screws in fixation of osteotomies in orthognathic surgeries has increased considerably due to advantages of this kind of material, compared to titanium. However, the absorbable material can generate complications at the time of his term degradation, generally one year after the installation. This study presents a series of 80 orthognathic surgeries operated using absorbable materials, in which 6 patients (7.5%) had foreign body reaction (sterile abscess) in places which absorbable plates were fixated. Of these, 3 required reintervention for surgical removal of fixation material and the other three were resolved only with treatment based in Cefalexin 500 mg 6/6 h during 10 days associated with Dexametasone 4 mg 8/8 h during 7 days. We concluded that absorbable material has a low potential to cause problems during its degradation, and that much of the foreign body reactions can be solved only conservative treatment, and so the benefits provided by this type of material outweigh the harm.

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Resorbable materials complications in orthognathic surgeries
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