Orthognathic surgery. Results of a satisfaction survey in the last 10 years

Introduction: Orthognathic surgery is the surgical treatment of dentofacial anomalies. Much of the success of this surgery depends on the subjective opinion of patients.

Objectives: To study the satisfaction of orthognathic surgery patients in our Department.

Methods: Retrospective descriptive study that used telephone calls and evaluated the degree of patient’s satisfaction related to this parameters: inferior alveolar nerve involvement, satisfaction with cosmetic result, with occlusal result, assessment of pain in the TMJ and overall satisfaction. We used the VAS and asked about TMJ pain and occlusal function.

Results: Ninety-seven patients were analyzed. Average rating of 7.89 in terms of aesthetic results. Occlusal function improved in 90.72% of patients; 39 of 42 patients improved their TMJ pain symptoms. 40.2% had some impairment of inferior alveolar nerve. The overall satisfaction average was 8.5.

Discussion: It is important to consider the subjective evaluation of orthognathic patients. The inferior alveolar nerve involvement is a common complication although it usually improves.

Conclusions: It is uncommon to find aesthetic and occlusal bad results if surgery is properly planned and the surgeon’s experience is adequate. TMJ pain is one of the least predictable parameters. Orthognathic surgery has a positive impact on the overall satisfaction of our patients.

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