Management of TMJ problems in dental office: an enigma?

Background: We in our paper are presenting four classical cases posing complex symptoms of TMJ problems that were treated successfully in the dental office, by following the nidus.

Objectives: These case reports were studied in detailed and necessary investigations were done to identify the cause and the treatment was executed following evidence based treatment protocol.

Methods: Each case was unique in its way and was treated according to the need. The four cases involved had severe types of jaw pains with limited mouth opening suggestive of TMJ related surgical therapy by other specialists. In our study we treated with the basic methods such as change of habits, occlusion, and new combination of injections consisting of local anesthetics to the medial ptrygoid muscle by new modified technique and with the neck collar/cervical collar/neck braces which played wonders and the patients were treated uneventfully.

Conclusion: As TMJ being a pair formed by mandible communicating with the cranium and it works on concert in conjunction with muscle, tendons and fascia, a thorough examination and by simple alterations in supporting structures of TMJ function will give excellent results with limited invasive procedure and with uneventful success.

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Management of TMJ problems in dental office: an enigma?

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