Historical Dental Materials


Low-Copper Dental Amalgam


How Supplied



Silver, copper, tin, and liquid mercury


• Amalgam capsule
• Amalgamator
• Amalgam well
• Amalgam carrier
• Restorative instruments
• Cotton roll
• Tofflemire and matrix band (if restoration is a class II)


1. Activate amalgam restorative material capsule by squeezing two ends of capsule together, if indicated by manufacturer.
2. Place capsule in amalgamator and triturate for time indicated, according to manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Dry area where restoration is to be placed and keep area isolated.
4. Place mixed amalgam in amalgam well.
5. Load amalgam carrier with mixed amalgam and carry amalgam to prepared tooth structure.
6. Place material into prepared tooth structure.
7. Using condenser, press and condense amalgam into prepared tooth structure.
8. Continue to load prepared tooth with amalgam while condensing material into prepared tooth structure.
9. When prepared tooth structure has been overfilled with amalgam and all material has been condensed or packed into prepared tooth structure, begin carving and shaping of restoration.
10. Burnish outer surface of restoration with a football or ball burnisher.
11. Carve away excess material with a Hollenback carver, Wedelstadt chisel, or other instrument of choice.
12. Burnish amalgam again with football or ball burnisher, or use acorn burnisher to place grooves into surface of amalgam.

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