Functional evaluation of the treatament of anterior disc dislocation using 2 anchors for discopexia

Patients who have anterior disc dislocation without reduction associated with functional limitations and/or pain, may be an indication of surgical treatment of TMJ. The main technique for this framework is the Discopexia, which is usually performed by surgical fixation of the articular disc with sutures or anchors. The objective of this study is describe the technical and functional outcomes of patients undergoing discopexia using 2 anchors of 1.9 mm, a lateral and posterior pole of the condyle. The sample included 25 patients with clinical and MRI image compatible with anterior dislocation of the disc without reduction bilaterally. All patients had limited mouth opening, pain and crepitation. The entire group was subjected to clinical therapy without success, where they underwent bilateral discopexia with fixation of the articular disc with 2 titan anchors and Ethibond sutures. The patient underwent measurements of maximum incisal opening (MIO), protrusion and lateral movements (R/L) in pre-op and these were repeated after 12 months. Were also assessed, deviation of mouth opening, pain and patient satisfaction regarding treatment. The measures were assessed by direct analysis of the data and measures of central tendency and dispersion, where we can observe that: MIO average pre = 33.7 mm and pos = 46.5, lateral R pre = 2.3 mm and pos = 4.6 mm, lateral L pre = 2.7 mm and pos = 5.1 mm and protrusion pre = 3.3 mm and pos = 5.8 mm. All patients reported significant improvement in pain, a correction for the deviation of mouth opening in 88% of patients. The satisfaction level achieved on a scale of 0–10, the value 9/10 in 92% of patients. We conclude that the use of anchors at positions suggested generate a significant functional improvement.

Key words: TMJ; discopexia; anchor; disc dislocation

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Functional evaluation of the treatament of anterior disc dislocation using 2 anchors for discopexia
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