Dr Angle’s private orthodontic practice

We here at Century Orthodontics in St Louis enjoyed reading Dr Behrents’ editorial, “January 1, 1915, revisited,” in the January issue (Behrents RG. January 1, 1915, revisited. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2015;147:4-5). Years ago, and after much research (with help from the American Association of Orthodontists’ library), we were pleased to discover that this was the very same Dr Edward Angle who started “our” orthodontic practice in 1896, originally at 2946 Washington Avenue in St Louis.

After Dr Angle, the practice descended (with numerous relocations) to Dr William Wilson, who in turn passed it on to Dr H. Carlyle Pollock, Sr., a longtime editor of the American Journal of Orthodontics . Following Dr Pollock was his partner Dr H. V. Holestine and then Dr Francis Miller, who took in and eventually turned the practice over to Dr Michael Matlof. Mike in his turn brought on Dr Robert Waxler. In 1996, Dr Jeffrey Cavanaugh became the eighth doctor in this unbroken line. At that time, our practice was renamed Century Orthodontics in commemoration of its 100-year anniversary. This year we celebrate our 119th year!

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