43: Orthodontic materials


Orthodontic materials

Figure 43.1 Schematic diagram of orthodontic elastomeric chains (A, closed loop; B, short open loop; C, long open loop).


Figure 43.2 Force required to distract three- and four-loop segments of elastomeric chain in the dry (as-received) condition and after immersion in water and a citrate-containing power drink.


Table 43.1 Appliances for jaw orthopedics

Device Application
Headgear Exerts a specified amount of pressure on the maxilla to ensure proper eruption of upper teeth and guide maxillary growth direction.
Bionator Assists both jaws to grow in proportion to one another, usually keeping the mandible forward and promoting proper tooth eruption.
Herbst Semipermanently affixed to both sets of molars to prevent recessive mandibular movement and protruding maxillary teeth.
Frankel Combines functional orthodontic therapy of the mandible while correcting tooth positioning in the maxilla.
Expansion devices A palatal expansion device is applied to the maxillary teeth to help expand the maxillary width and reduce or eliminate crossbite.

Table 43.2 Characteristics of common orthodontic arch wires


Table 43.3 Yield strength, elastic modulus, and YS/E ratio for orthodontic arch wires


43.1 Intraoral appliances

Orthodontic appliances, used to correct malocclusions through tooth and jaw movement, fall into two broad classifications. Fixed appliances use brackets bonded/>

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