10: Dental waxes


Dental waxes

Table 10.1 Dental waxes

Wax type Application
Baseplate wax Establishing initial arch during denture making
Casting (modeling) wax Wax rims and temporary bases during denture making
Inlay wax Making direct or indirect patterns for cast restorations
Boxing wax Perimeter border of impression trays during pour-up
Sticky wax Temporary adhesive
Utility Variety of applications
Bite wax Recording occlusal and jaw relationships
Corrective (impression) wax Dental impressions

Table 10.2 Natural waxes

Mineral Plant Animal
Paraffin Carnauba Beeswax
Microcrystalline Ouricury Spermaceti
Barnsdahl Candelilla
Ozokerite Japan wax
Ceresin Cocoa butter

Table 10.3 Effect of wax additions on the properties of paraffin wax

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Admixed wax Effect on paraffin wax
Microcrystalline Reduced volumetric change on solidification
Barnsdahl Increased melting range, greater hardness, reduced flow
Ozokerite Improved properties in melting range
Ceresin Greater hardness, increased melting range
Montan Increased hardness and melting range
Carnauba Increased hardness and melting range, modified flow
Ouricury Increased hardness and melting range
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