17: Porcelain bonding alloys


Porcelain bonding alloys

Box 17.1 Requirements for PFM restoration materials
Inherent strength and rigidity
Strong metal–ceramic bond
Good esthetics
Soft-tissue compatibility
Low thermal conductivity

Box 17.2 Requirements for metalloceramic alloys
Strength and rigidity
High fusion temperature
Nondeforming of porcelain
No effect on porcelain color
Strong bond to porcelain
Similar coefficient of expansion to porcelain

Box 17.3 Problems with PFM restorations
Poor transverse strength
Need to carry porcelain over occlusal surface
Wear of opposing dentition
Expensive laboratory procedures
Difficult to repair

Table 17.1 Average compositions of noble metal ceramic-bonding alloys


Table 17.2 Average properties of noble metal ceramic-bonding alloys


Table 17.3 Compositions of base metal alloys for metalloceramic restorations*


Table 17.4 Properties of base metal metalloceramic alloys


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