42: CAD-CAM restorations


CAD-CAM restorations

Figure 42.1 Dental laboratory CAD-CAM systems. (Courtesy of Sirona Dental Inc., Charlotte, NC.)


Figure 42.2 E4D CAD-CAM system for the dental office. (Courtesy of D4D Technologies, Richardson, TX.)


Figure 42.3a Patient before restoration. (Courtesy of D4D Technologies, Richardson, TX.)


Figure 42.3b Patient after restoration. (Courtesy of D4D Technologies, Richardson, TX.)


Figure 42.4 Finishing and characterization of a CAD-CAM ceramic restoration. (Courtesy of Sirona Dental Inc., Charlotte, NC.)


CAD-CAM is the abbreviation for computer-aided design–computer-aided manufacture, a long-established technology in industry and of growing importance within dentistry, potentially enabling teeth to be restored in a single appointment. A number of commercial systems are available, including the E4D, CEREC (CERamic REConstruction), 3Shape Dental, and Cera systems. Technological advances include versatile software, direct digital recording of the dentition, and greater speed and accuracy in milling operations. Laboratory and chairside CAD-CAM systems are shown in Figure 42.1 and Figure 42.2.

42.1 Digital imaging

Although specific details vary with each system, the same basics underlie digital restoration processing, with everything starting from a three-dimensional image used by computer software to design the restoration. For this, undercuts are eliminated or blocked out before the toot/>

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