41: Periodontal Management of the Older Adult


Periodontal management of the older adult

Figure 41.1 (a-f) A ‘biologically young’ patient aged 73 years, with a restored mouth, minimum gingival or periodontal problems, some recession and tooth wear (attrition, abrasion), especially in the upper incisors. (g) Orthopantomogram radiograph age 68 years prior to extraction of UR6 an UL7. Root caries and apical pathology LL6 prior to root filling. (h) Periapical radiograph showing the bone level and apical pathology on root-filled LL6. Courtesy of Dr M. Kellett.



Figure 41.2 (a-c) Female patient aged 72 years, with a restored mouth, recession and gingival inflammation.



Figure 41.3 (a-d) Female patient aged 73 years, with a restored mouth, a history of chronic periodontitis, calculus on the lower anteriors, generalised slight recession and erosion due to a lemon-sucking habit.



Figure 41.4 (a-g) Female patient aged 88 years, with a restored mouth, visible plaque, chronic periodontitis and radiographic evidence of subgingival calculus.



Figure 41.5 Root caries on the cervical mesial surface of UL7 in a 72-year-old male.



Figure 41.6 (a, b) Male patient aged 90 years, with an upper complete denture, lower teeth with occlusal wear, some marginal gingival inflammation, and root caries on the LL3 buccal cervical margin.



Figure 41.7 Attributes that may be unaffected or enhanced in older adults.



Figure 41.8 Attributes that may be reduced in older adults.



The definition of the ‘older adult’ varies in different countries and cultures. In developed, westernised communities it is commonly taken as the age of retirement from work. Currently in the UK, up until 2010, eligibility for a state pension is at age 65 years for men and 60 years for women, but between 2010 and 2020 this is changing to 65 years for women too. From 2024 to 2046, it is planned that the age of eligibility will rise to age 68 years for men and women, reflecting the longer life expectancy and work potential of the population. However, the/>

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