19 Strip crowns for primary incisors


Strip Crowns for Primary Incisors


Poor aesthetics of the primary incisors is a common reason for parents bringing their child to the dentist for the very first time. The most common cause of the unsightly appearance of the primary incisors is dental caries as a consequence of early childhood caries with a history of feeding with a nursing bottle. Aesthetic concerns in a young child should not be disregarded. Many dentists are reluctant to offer aesthetic restorations for carious primary incisors. There is no justification for this attitude and all attempts must be made to restore carious primary incisors after the cause of dental caries is diagnosed and eliminated and a preventive regime has been instituted. Some excellent options for restoring carious primary incisors are available ranging from simple composite restorations, use of strip crowns or preformed veneered anterior crowns.

Treatment Options

The stage of decay of the primary incisors as well as the age and cooperation of the child will determine the treatment option. A comprehensive preventive programme including dietary advice, oral hygiene instruction and fluoride use is a prerequisite before any restorative treatment can commence. The caries process must be arrested and further caries prevented. One of the treatment options is interproximal disking of the affected incisors to render them self-cleansing (result is usually not aesthetically pleasing). Composite restorations may be sufficient if the caries is confined to a single surface but anything more extensive requires a composite strip crown.

Strip Crowns


  • Extensive or multi-surface caries in primary incisors.
  • Congenitally malformed primary incisors.
  • Congenitally discoloured primary incisors.
  • Primary incisors discoloured following trauma.
  • Fractured primary incisors.
  • Amelogenesis imperfecta.


See Fig. 19.1.

1. LA and isolation of primary incisors with dry dam.
2. Measure mesio-distal width and select size of celluloid.
3. The shade of composite resin is selected.
4. The celluloid crown is trimmed and vent holes are made in the incisal corners of the crown.
5. Remove all caries with round burs in a slow-spe/>

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