10 Dental radiography


Dental Radiography

Radiographs in Children

Types of radiographs:

  • bitewing radiographs (Fig. 10.1);
  • periapical radiographs (Fig. 10.2);
  • panoramic radiographs (Fig. 10.3);
  • lateral oblique radiographs;
  • occlusal radiographs;
  • computed axial tomography (CAT);
  • cone-beam CT with 3D reconstruction.

Figure 10.1 Bitewing radiographs showing dental caries.


Figure 10.2 Periapical radiograph showing dental caries.


Figure 10.3 Orthopantomogram at developmental stage of child aged 7 years.


Radiographic Caries Diagnosis in Children

In a population the use of bitewing radiography in addition to clinical examination increases the number of approximal lesions detected by a factor of between two and eight. The bitewing also offers excellent information about caries in the dentine under occlusal surfaces. During the past two to three decades a number of changes related to bitewing radiography have taken place:

  • the decrease in caries prevalence in the western industrialised world – most of these populations experience a skewed caries distribution;
  • the relatively slo/>
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