18: Implant metals


Implant metals

Figure 18.1a Modern dental implant. (Courtesy of American Dental Implant.)


Figure 18.1b Modern tapered dental implant. (Courtesy of BioHorizons Inc.)


Figure 18.2 Radiograph showing osseointegration of implants in bone.


Figure 18.3 (a,b) Site preparation and placement of a “skinny” implant. (Courtesy of American Dental Implant.)


Figure 18.4 Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating on the surface of a dental implant (scanning electron micrograph, ×1000). (Courtesy of BioHorizons Inc.)


Over the millennia, a variety of approaches were sought to replace missing teeth and there is clear archeological evidence that the Mayans were the first to use endosseous implants (implants embedded into bone) over 1400 years ago to support dental prostheses./>

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