13: Case Presentations

CHAPTER 13 Case Presentations

Immediate-Loading Zygoma Implant

Immediate-Load Zygoma Protocol

The zygoma implant is unique because it has an angulated platform as well as two different length diameters. The zygoma concept is considered in patients who have zone I bone only in their edentulous maxilla (Figure 13-1).

Zygomatic implant specifications include:

The implant is generally placed between the first and second bicuspid position and is angled approximately 45° posteriorly as it traverses through the maxillary sinus and enters the body of the os zygomaticus. This is the only quad-cortically stabilized implant (Figures 13-4 to 13-6).

The four cortices include:

Drill sizes include:

The three potential trajectories are:

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