1: Introduction

Chapter 1



This chapter describes minor oral surgery and its role in general dental practice.


After reading this chapter you should have an understanding of the skills required to successfully practice minor oral surgery.

Surgery in General Dental Practice

General dental practitioners will perform surgical procedures but will not consider themselves to be oral surgeons. What is the scope of minor oral surgery in the general practice setting? A reasonable starting point is the definition that the General Dental Council in the Untited Kingdom used to describe ‘surgical dentistry’. This was defined as ‘those surgical procedures within the mouth, which would normally be accomplished for a cooperative patient under local anaesthesia with or without sedation in a tolerably short operating time’. These procedures are listed in Table 1-1 and are discussed in this book.

Table 1-1 Minor oral surgery procedures in general dental practice
  • Extraction of teeth and roots

  • Management of impacted teeth

  • Surgical endodontics

  • Exposure of buried teeth

  • Excision of benign intra-oral lesions

  • Biopsy techniques

  • Removal of intra-/>

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