Treatment Monitoring and Appointments Protocol

Treatment Monitoring and Appointments Protocol

This chapter provides the 10 steps you and your team should check in every appointment to properly track the treatment progress.

15.1 Tracking Treatment Progress

  1. Check Patient Compliance
    • Ask them if they have worn the aligners for the number of hours required
    • If compliance is not good enough, try to reach an agreement with your patient, for example if they do not want to use the aligners 22 hours a day, instead of changing the aligners every 7 days, plan a 10‐ to 14‐day intervals protocol
  2. Oral Health

    If the teeth are dirty or the gums swollen, hygiene instruction should be reinforced and perhaps an appointment with the periodontist should be scheduled before continuing with the treatment.

  3. Tooth Tracking
    • Check the patient with the last aligner in the mouth: if there is a maladjustment on any tooth, this will need to be addressed before continuing treatment
    • Check the adjustment of the attachment on the reservoirs of the aligner: the active part of the attachment must be in contact with the aligner, colour the attachment, if necessary, in order to check
    • Review the teeth position and their position on the ClinCheck: compare the current stage in the ClinCheck with the intraoral position of the teeth, always using anatomic references
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