Treating unusual lesions in Haitian population following the earthquake

Earthquake in Haiti early 2010 became a worldwide concern and many countries sent their aid to help their people. Despite the trauma lesions because the earthquake, many other pathologies were treated in a very improvised circumstance. Very few resources were available to treat important lesions.

The author intend to show how did these pathologies were managed in a military campaign hospital and its difficulties, some helpful tips and a case of mandibular reconstruction due to ameloblastomma performed with different devices.

486 patients were treated in 32 days at the Brazilian Air Force Campaign Hospital three months after the quake and 12 of them presented important lesions and underwent surgery to treat in a very unconventional way.

On line assessment with pathologists in Brazil was used to optimize results and in many cases conduct had to be different than usual because of the war-like situation.

Unfortunately not all procedures were successful because of the circumstances and needs of each case, but of the 12 cases 2 of them were untreated.

Treating patients away from our land with different habits and languages specially in hostile situation needs creativity, knowledge, communication technology, and improves human sense and emotive feelings but even though bring us some frustration for the unsolved cases.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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