Treatment of Sialocele parotídeo

Post-traumatic Sialocele parotídeo is an acquired injury which appears for extravasación of saliva in the glandular fabrics and or periductales, secondary to the interruption and or injury of the principal conduit (Stenon), of second or of the third order in glandular parenquima. The treatment of the sialocele is fundamentally surgical.

11 cases have treated each other with satisfactory results, by means of a procedure that is considered to be original, and that has been applied in the cases that we have had to handle from the year 1980 to the date.

The treatment to effecting can be applied in two different situations, salivary water-pipe in already existing cheek or in a sialocele in thickness of the cheek.

The results obtained by means of the described procedure, have been satisfactory in all the treated cases.

Considerations It is suitable to need that the installation of a catheter without the described procedures or with a very low boarding in the cheek it can be a reason of infections appellants, for presence of mouth bacteria and of food residues that can accumulate in the catheter, which we could have verified when the notable indications have not followed.

The treatment with antibiotics and analgesics is necessary the first 12 days, this way to avoid some postoperatory complication.

The retirement of the catheter is realized without difficulty and salivary retention has not been verified.

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