Tissue morbidity in orthognathic surgery

The sine qua non of successful surgical repositioning of the jaws, dentition and soft tissue is preservation of viability by continuous blood circulation. Research and experience has shown that by adhering to sound technical craft, appropriate osteotomy design and careful execution of the surgery most surgical efforts occur smoothly and predictably. Failure to adhere to sound surgical principles would result in unfavourable and unexpected hard and soft tissue changes, compromised blood supply, dehiscence of surgical wounds, infection and eventually even loss of bone and teeth.

The details and sequence of a surgical procedure may vary from surgeon to surgeon, but the ultimate objective is the same. It is however important that each procedure is performed in a step by step fashion with the same operative routine. For each surgical step there are relevant “traps” that may lead to consequences or complications. An appreciation of any complication that may occur provides the tools to maximize the surgical predictability and avoid potentially untoward results.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Tissue morbidity in orthognathic surgery
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