The design and construction of a decompression stent for extensive odontogenic cysts

Introduction: Nasopharyngeal tubes have been used to decompress extensive odontogenic cysts following marsupialisation. Some patients report experiencing mucosal soreness and occlusal interference. In order to construct a flexible and durable decompression stent, we present the design and laboratory method of using “Monoplast B”, a heat cure permanent soft liner.

Materials and methods: The internal diameter of nasopharyngeal tube was copied using a self cure (methylmethacrylate) clear “stick” in order to construct the desired shape from wax. It was invested into a three section plaster mould and processing was carried out overnight to maximise properties and improve quality by reducing structural defects. The decompression stent was then deflasked and finished.

Decompression stents with different internal diameters were constructed by use of clear sticks of 4 varying diameters. The stent length, retention sleeve, internal diameter and thickness can be altered to the requirements of surgeons in decompressing extensive odontogenic cysts.

Results: These stents were used in 2 patients with extensive odontogenic cysts of the ramus and angle of the mandible. Both patients experienced greater comfort and ease in irrigating the diminishing cyst following marsupialisation. The decompression stents were in situ for over 6 months until sufficient bone deposition occurred to strengthen the mandible and underlying inferior dental canal. Cyst enucleation and mucosal closure was subsequently carried out.

Conclusions: Customised decompression stents with different diameters and lengths will aid patients in maintaining patency of the jaw cyst’s opening and allow regular irrigation after marsupialisation.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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Feb 5, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on The design and construction of a decompression stent for extensive odontogenic cysts
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