Stage II checks

CHAPTER 13 Stage II checks

The routine adjustment interval in Stage II is 6 weeks, but can often be extended to 8 weeks. It is not normally necessary to remove the archwires, except at or very near the end of the stage, when offsets and toe-ins will be needed to derotate the first molars.

At each adjustment visit, the following checks will be necessary:

Attention to centrelines. Except in the case of big midline discrepancies, remedial action will not be required until towards the end of the second stage. At that time, the application of selective brakes should be considered, as described in Chapter 11, usually unilaterally. This may be to induce active centreline correction (see Fig. 11.10) or to defend against an unwanted late shift (see Fig. 11.9) when space remains on one side but not on the other. Failure to obtain coincident midlines by the end of Stage II will inevitably result in an occlusal discrepancy, which will be less easy to correct in Stage III.

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