Precision finishing

CHAPTER 20 Precision finishing

As with any preadjusted appliance, Tip-Edge has an inbuilt ability to produce a self-limited precision finish. Moreover, in the hands of an experienced operator, it is capable of achieving such goals in considerably more difficult malocclusions than can normally be handled with conventional bracket systems. In this, it is worth stating the obvious, in that the proven intra-arch detail finishing, for which the straight-wire appliance is recognized, is wasted if a Class I interarch relationship cannot be achieved. This happens all too easily if the anchorage demands of the appliance exceed the co-operative abilities of the patient. With a light anchorage technique, this becomes much less likely.

Also, as with any fixed appliance, final detailing depends upon the accuracy with which the case is set up and it is towards the finish that previously unnoticed small errors in bonding come to light. Of these, incorrect bracket angulations can be corrected surprisingly easily during Stage III, without having to step down into a lighter archwire, so long as the tooth in question has not been allowed to ‘over upright’. If it has, re-angling the bracket will result in an over-closed slot that will not accept the rectangular archwire. This may mean abandoning the deep tunnels and fitting a reverse Side-Winder for one visit, to undo the excess tip, before repositioning the bracket.

Assuming correct bracket and tube positioning, all that should be required during the brief finishing phase is occlusal seating; this is essentially the same as with straight-wire appliances. First, however, the second molars should be assessed for inclusion in the appliance.

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