Soft Tissue Surgery for Implants

Adequate quality and quantity of soft tissue plays an integral part in the esthetic outcome of dental implants. Adequate band of attached tissue decreases the incidence of mucositis and improves hygiene around implants. This article discusses a variety of techniques for soft tissue augmentation. Soft tissue grafting can be achieved at various stages of implant therapy. Epithelial connective tissue grafts are commonly used to increase the band of attached tissue. Subepithelial connective tissue grafts are great for increasing soft tissue thickness and improving the gingival biotype.

Key points

  • Improving the quality of soft tissue around dental implants improves the final esthetic outcome.

  • Soft tissue grafts play an integral role in increasing volume and morphology of attached gingiva.

  • The pouch technique is ideal for augmentation of the soft tissue at the time of immediate implant placement.

  • The VIP-CT graft is ideal augmentation of horizontal and vertical soft tissue augmentation.

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Oct 28, 2016 | Posted by in General Dentistry | Comments Off on Soft Tissue Surgery for Implants
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