Sixteen percent said Obama’s economic policies have made no

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Replica Celine Bags That high water mark came on December 6, 2012, when 53 percent of American voters approved of the job he was doing, versus the 40 percent who did not.Today 43 percent do not approve of the president.Additionally, just about one in five, 21 percent, told pollsters that President Obama’s policies have helped their pocketbooks.Scroll down for videoPresident Obama’s popularity does not extend to how Americans feel about their finances, with just one in five believing the Democrat has done good things for their pocketbooksAnother 33 percent said his policies have hurt their financial situation, while 44 percent said they’ve made no difference.More broadly, 44 percent of voters said Obama’s policies have helped the nation’s economy, while 38 percent said they’ve hurt the economy.Sixteen percent said Obama’s economic policies have made no difference.A majority of Americans still don’t think the economy is working great with 60 percent of respondents describing it as ‘not so good’ or ‘poor,’ while 39 percent characterize it as being ‘excellent’ or ‘good.’That being said, this is the best scoreQuinnipiac University pollsters have seen since December 2003, when 40 percent of respondents classified the economy as ‘excellent’ or ‘good.’Thirty nine percent of respondents said they were better off than they were a year ago, while another 30 percent said they were worse off. Twenty nine percent said they were doing the same.While 22 percent of voters called President Obama a ‘great’ president and 33 percent classified him as a ‘good’ president Replica Celine Bags, another 23 percent said he was ‘not so good’ while another 22 percent said he was a bad president, showing the nation highly divided on the subject.Pollsters found a more cohesive response when they asked Americans to rate their overall satisfaction with the country, with a super majority, 72 percent,’ saying they were ‘somewhat dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ with the nation today.Only 27 percent of Americans voters said they were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the country.Americans also held negative views of the political parties, but for the first time in two years, the Republicans were rated more favorably than their Democratic counterparts.Republican stand at 38 percent favorability to 50 percent unfavorability, while Democrats are currently at 35 to 56 percent.Republicans haven’t scored this high since November 26, 2014, which was several weeks after the midterm elections, after the GOP grabbed the Senate from the Democrats.At that point, the GOP had a favorability score of 38 percent to 49 percent unfavorability.The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted from November 17 20 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. The survey was conducted over landlines and cell phones.’President Barack Obama’s final score card is a passing grade overall, but barely,’ said the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, Tim Malloy.’Are the GOP’s favorability scores an endorsement of President elect Donald Trump’s change agent status?’ he continued Replica Celine Bags.

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