Schwannoma of the tongue: clinical report

Schwannomas are tumors that correspond to peripheral nerves originating in the nerve sheats (1,2); these tumors are considered uncommon in the oral cavity, only 1% of the extracranial shwannomas shows intraoral origin (2,4).

The literature described the peak incident between the third to sixth decade and in children are very rare, only 4 cases of lingual schwannoma are described until 2010 (2).

We present a case report of a shwannoma of the tongue, in a 13 years old patient, it presents like a swelling in dorsal surface covered with non ulcerated mucosa and without pain, the time of evolution was 10 years, the consistency was elastic and history of trauma was related at 6 years resulting in more swelling, the family history had no similar lesions or bucal tumors.

The preoperative studies include ultrasound scanning, the definitive diagnosis is based on histopathology.

And excisional biopsy was planned, under general anesthesia and eliptic approach, the entire lesion was removed and sent to histopathologic examination.

The lesion was of 1.8 cm × 1.5 cm size, and shows spindle cells and palisading arrangement, no mitosis.

Final diagnosis was Schwannoma (neurilemona).

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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