Osteosynthesis devices for the treatment of severe cranio-maxillofacial traumas in young adults N.I. Ivanshtenko, V.P. Ippolitov

Klinicheskaya Stomatologuia 2007: 3: 56–59

The authors presented their experience in 6727 patients from 18 to 23 years old with traumas in the maxillofacial region. 464 patients were presented with craniofacial injuries in multiple traumas (9.5%) and they were analyzed depending on the treatment methods. In 40.4% of cases, osteosynthesis devices, similar to the cranial halo were used. The specific device was named after the authors of Maslov-Ippolitov and was registered in 1994. It has 5 points of support on the cranial vault and facial bones. The authors presented tables related to the aetiology, associated traumas and osteosynthesis devices used. They illustrated with a case treated by this device. Unfortunately the results were not presented in a very objective or complete manner.


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