Prosecutors have discretion, and they have to use it fairly

nalcor to address concerns at muskrat falls

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canada goose bird It’s weird that only one third of American corporations do that. Then they wonder why employees play Solitaire, shop and send lists of jokes. Prevent these time wasters by giving training classes and distributing written guidelines. Prosecutors have discretion, and they have to use it fairly and wisely. So why do I write about this case now, two years into his sentence? For two reasons: for one, the Duke case has heightened my awareness that there can be injustice in the system Canada Goose Outlet Toronto Canada Goose Sale, and as a prosecutor, I have an equal obligation to seek convictions as I do to make sure the convictions are fair and just and not wrongful. I must speak out against injustice in the same way I speak out against crime and in favor of law enforcement. canada goose bird

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