Re: Atraumatic placement of circummandibular wires: a technical note

Thank you for having the opportunity to reply on the letter-to-the editor ‘Atraumatic placement of circummandibular wires: A technical note.’ We really appreciate the interest shown to read our article . Irrespective of the fact that a similar technique may be claimed to be practiced and taught elsewhere in the world, such claims cannot be considered validated unless scrutinized and approved by a scientific committee. We as authors were neither aware, nor did we learn this technique from the sources you have mentioned. We would also like to further mention the fact that an extensive literature search, prior to submission failed to reveal the possibility of this technique being in vogue. Further the aberrations pointed out regarding the failure to mention the technique of wire removal or modifications in splint fabrication does not appear to be valid as it is beyond the objective of the manuscript to discuss anything, but an alternative method of introducing and placing circummandibular wires. The technique of wire removal as suggested in the response to our publication is very standard technique which is practiced universally and therefore needs no special mention.

Finally, while we attempted to pass two wires also in a few cases, we encountered difficulty to accommodate two 26 gauge wires inside an 18 gauge IVCS. Although we managed to introduce, we found smooth railroading difficult.

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