Posterior cranial vault expansion with resorbables distractors in syndromic patients

Introduction : Posterior vault remodelation can prevent intracranial hypertension, improve the Chiari malformation condition and the aesthetics concerns and delay the fronto-orbital advancement in syndromic craniosynostosis. Conventional techniques of posterior advancement are limited by scalp closure, supine head position in younger patients,slow brain expansion and bone quality.The use of distraction osteogenesis in the posterior vault,open a new frontier in the treatment of syndromic patients.The use of resorbable distractors apport the adventage of second intervention to remove the devices is not neccesary.

Methods and material : Retrospective evaluation of 6 cases of craniosynostosis syndromic patients (3 Crouzon, 2 Apert and 1 Saethre-Chotzen), operated by posterior cranial vault expansion with distraction osteogenesis as a first procedure.

Results : Volumetric pre and postoperative data showed an increase in posterior fossa and skull volumen in all the cases, improve the Chiari condition in almost 50% of the cases and improve the intracranial hypertension condition. No major complications or losses of the devices were present.

Conclusions : Posterior cranial vault expansion is an effective method to improve the intracranial hypertension tipically founded in syndromic craniosynostosis. The resorbables distractors are a safe, predectible and with low rate of complications materials for this technique.

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Jan 20, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Posterior cranial vault expansion with resorbables distractors in syndromic patients
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