P. Raymond Begg

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I greatly enjoyed it (Burke C. A century of influence: part 1. Orthodontic pioneers. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2015;147(Suppl 2):S155-60.) I would like to offer several minor corrections.

P. Raymond Begg’s first name was Percy, not Paul, but I never heard him called anything but “Tick” or Dr Begg. He and his wife Nellie were wonderful people, most gracious. I was fortunate enough to have spent a week or so with him in our offices right after completion of my orthodontic training in the spring of 1960. My training wound up in March of that year, and the AAO meeting was held in Washington, DC, in April; I was denied admittance because I was no longer a student but not yet a member of the AAO or one of its component societies (the paperwork took more than a few weeks to accomplish back then). I didn’t have the bucks to go to DC then anyway, but I did spend a wonderful week with the Beggs, who were repaying a visit that my then-associate, Sid Brandt, had made to Adelaide. Also, Dr Begg did not invent the bracket used in his technique; he simply modified Edward H. Angle’s ribbon arch bracket, one of Angle’s inventions just before his “latest and best,” which is how Angle introduced his edgewise bracket. I believe that Dr Begg attended the Angle School, and they probably were using the ribbon arch bracket at that time.

Thanks again for the series.

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