Outcomes and complications of transtemporal endoscopic superiosteal midface-lift

Introduction: Midface-lift is one of the most difficult and complex surgery in the field of facial plastic surgery. Given that it takes a surgical experience, accurate knowledge of facial anatomy and proper training to perform it.

Patients and methods: We performed a transverse study, retrospective, reviewing the medical records of 120 patients, which were submitted to midface-lift from January 2005 to January 2009. We collected information on patient’s clinical features, surgery performed and the complications in each case.

Results: The results showed that of a total of 120 surgeries performed, 11 had complications, of which 8 patients had hematomas, 1 had local infection and 2 patients had nerve injuries. Around 95% of the patients were satisfied with the aesthetic outcome.

Conclusion: We showed that the subperiosteal midface-lift by temporal approach is a procedure that helps restore the relations of soft tissues with the underlying structures giving a more youthful expression. This is a technique that produces good cosmetic results in most cases, causing an increase in the malar region, improving the nasolabial fold and enhancing the small jowls.

Conflict of interest : None declared.

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