Odontogenic central fibroma case report

Odontogenic central fibroma is a benign odontogenic tumor characterized by strands of epithelium in a fibrous stroma. It is reported in ages between 4 and 80 with an average of 40 years. It has female predilection 2.2. This tumor is characterized by local cortical expansion, swelling inducing dental movement, asymptomatic in most cases. The objective of this paper is to report a case of this unfrequent pathology, as well as the treatment protocol used for the surgical resection. It is described a patient with odontogenic central fibroma, who was referred to the Buco Maxilofacial service of the Domingo Luciani Hospital.

Case report: 28-Year-old male patient from La Guaira, Edo Vargas, referred for symptoms associated to the tumor. In the clinical exam it is observed a swelling in right midface, fast evolution with disappearance of mandibular angle and expansion of bone corticals. It is determined to perform under general anesthesia surgical excision of the injury to afterwards confirm the initial diagnostic by histopathological study. The procedure is finished without complications. To this moment the patient is under observation by a multidisciplinary team with a satisfactory evolution.

Conclusion: Odontogenic central fibroma is an extremely rare tumor, which accounts only 0.1% of all odontogenic tumors, the pathogenesis remains unknown. This report underlines the clinical, radiographic and histopathological characteristics to perform an early diagnostic and therefore offer better prognostic to the patient.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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