Necessities of documentation in canine-lateral transposition

We read the case report “Canine-lateral incisor transposition: controlling root resorption with a bone-anchored T-loop retraction” in the December issue. The authors used an interesting innovation for complete transposition of the maxillary left canine and the lateral incisor, and we congratulate them for a good finished result.

However, their treatment outcome makes us have few queries. The authors stated that there was no root resorption of transposed left canine posttreatment, but give no evidence of the method used to assess resorption. Second, there are no periapical radiographs or computed tomograms to give a clear picture of root resorption postoperatively.

The eyes of the patient are not looking forward in the pretreatment profile view along with social smile, which is not according to American Board of Orthodontics guidelines.

The authors stated that it would have been wise to wait for the second molar eruption, so why could not they wait for complete alignment of the second molars for a stable occlusion in the end?

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Apr 2, 2017 | Posted by in Orthodontics | Comments Off on Necessities of documentation in canine-lateral transposition
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