Midfacial destruction by mucormycosis

Background: Mucormycosis is a serious and rare acute disease, potentially fatal. Affects immunocompromised patients. The most common form is rhinocerebral. Rhinosinusitis, facial pain, proptosis and ophthalmoplegia are the common manifestations. The mycological examination of the affected areas confirm the diagnosis. The Anfoterecin B associated with radical surgery of the affected structures at an early stage are the treatment of choice.

Objective: Case report.

Population: 58 years old male patient, type II diabetes.

Method: Patient who complains of erythema, edema and pain in right side of the face associated with peripheral facial paralysis and ophthalmoplegia. CT shows diffuse thickening of sinus mucosa and bilateral exophthalmos. Develops palate ulcer of the right side. Biopsy of palate and maxillary sinus is compatible with mucormicosis. He started with Anfotericin B. The treatment is discontinued because of renal failure. Control MRI reports: process occupying sinuses and orbits. Hyperbaric chamber was indicated. The patient developed decreased visual acuity right eye. An eye examination reveals: compressive optic neuropathy. Is made radical maxillectomy with orbital exenteration.

Results: The patient had an uncomplicated pop. Are discharged at 13 days pop.

Conclusion: Mucormycosis is a fungal infection uncommon but potentially lethal, The diagnosis is made by the demonstration of tissue invasion by the hyphae features. The Anfoterecin B associated with early and aggressive surgical treatment can achieve healing and reduce mortality.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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Feb 5, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Midfacial destruction by mucormycosis
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