Metastases in the mandible: clear cell carcinoma of a horseshoe kidney

Man 60 years of age, smoker of 20 cigarettes a day for 15 years, with no other background at the time of the consultation. The review stomatological intraoral, reveals tumor in molar region left mandibular, with a rounded form, that measured 4 cm × 3 cm, base sessile, coated with mucosa with ulcerated areas. Malignant tumors of the oral cavity and jawbones are approximately 5% of malignant neoplasms, only 1% have been considered metastasis. The majority of metastases in the jaw are diagnosed between the fifth and seventh decades of life, and the anatomic site of the primary carcinoma differs between the genres. In women the first in terms of frequency is breast carcinoma and in men the lung. The low frequency of metastases in maxillary bones of renal cell carcinomas clear cell and even more originated in a horseshoe kidney, it is converted to a diagnostic challenge for the clinician because the finding is histopathology and from this is make supplementary tests to confirm it. The location of metastases in the region molar and premolar mandibular, may be due to a greater amount of medullar bone and vascularization. Kidney tumors in clear cell from the bark, neoplasms are morphologically similar to the hypernephromas, clear cell carcinomas, carcinomas of glandular cells and cell carcinomas sarcomatoid, therefore, the distinction between benign neoplasms and malignant, primary tumors and metastases require expertise on the part of the pathologist and the clinician. Treatment and prognosis vary depending on the primary lesion.

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