Maxillary sinus floor elevation following simultaneous implant installation without graft material

Objectives: Maxillary sinus membrane lifting is a common procedure aimed at increasing the volume of the maxillary sinus osseous floor prior to inserting dental implants. Recently we proved in vitro and in vivo assay the osteogenic potential of Schneiderian membrane. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the amount of bone formation under a sinus Schneiderian membrane tented with implants without bone graft material.

Methods: fifteen patients (20 sinus augmentations, 42 dental implants of MIS Ltd. system) were consecutively treated with sinus floor elevation via the lateral window approach with minimum 4 mm subantral bone. Osteotomy made with round Drill 5 mm radius in the anterior wall of the sinus, and the sinus membrane was elevated to make a new compartment. To achieve implant stability in of remaining levels of vertical subantral bone, the protocol of installing the MIS system dental implant was modified in its last preparation step. The compartment around the implants under the sinus mucosal lining in the sinus floor filled with blood from surrounding bleeding. And dental membrane (MIS Ltd.) placed on the open window. All patients recalled for Clinical and X-ray fellow up till the time of the dental implant uncovering. In all cases, samples were taken for biopsy at the time of second stage surgery.

Results: An average of 6.9 months after the sinus augmentation, new bone consolidation in the maxillary sinus was observed by radiographic and histologic evaluation. Vital bone formation was 71.4% according to the histomorphometric data. Of the 42 implants placed, 3 failed. The overall implant survival rate was 92.9%.

Conclusions: This clincal study supports our previous in vivo and in vitro studies and suggests that simultaneous placement of dental implants and blood clot as graft.

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Maxillary sinus floor elevation following simultaneous implant installation without graft material
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